Every time they are deep in their thoughts, the memories run through their minds and they remember the faraway courses and the wonderful natural resources that only the ocean can offer us.

These men devoted their life to the sea, for this reason they established a mysterious ancient link with it.

In "Freezing Center Fish" you can find all the gifts that the magic world of seafarers can give us.

"Freezing Center Fish" Ltd. was born in 1990 as frozen foods industry third parties. The establishment lies in Tronto industrial area in Controguerra. The factory has four big cold stores that have a total capacity of about 4.000 tons equal to 20.000 cm. Since1998, when the factory was enlarged, an operative and modern productive department has been operating. Ichthyic product is our most important food, it comes from all over the world and it is carefully bought directly on the fishing place. Technological advanced machines convert the fish in little packages that are bought on large-scale production.



Only in this way "Freezing Center Fish" could unfurl the sails towards new horizons.

In the philosophy of "Freezing Center Fish" there is a great respect for the seafarers who pass long periods on the open sea, hearing the stem of ship breaking against the waves. They brave the ocean fury and love its calm, they learn the precious art of deep-sea fishing and they hand on their adventurous art to their sons.

Thanks to this hard work all over the world the marine catches big quantity of fish that is frozen on board and then purchased by "Freezing Center Fish".

A complete frozen food chain, which is realized with the highest technologies, but that follows the echo of the ocean, guarantees the genuineness and naturalness of our products.